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The Secret Society Protection for Caucasian minorities -The ongoing fight against Islam

NOTE: This is based on a news article I read in the times on fundamentalist islamics controlling the majority of mosques in London. It is a dystopian view of what the future could be like, written in the style of 1984. I hope you enjoy and I would love some feedback.

Dear Members and Allies of the society,


We apologise for the lateness of our monthly emails. One of our cells was recently infiltrated by a parade of armed jihads, hence the great delay. However we are still running despite the decrease in society members. It is now with great sadness that I must announce the death of one of our most active and courageous members, Samuel Morrison, or for those of you who are more familiar with his Arabic name Ishmael Golshirazi. He was tortured by the jihad for information, which we now know he refused to impart. Little information about our organisation was revealed. His ordeal finally ended when he was finally stoned to death. His body is now displayed on a cross in Trafalgar Square as a warning to other dissenters.


Sadly such a brutal fate is all too common for our members. Like Samuel many have been murdered in the name of Allah for crimes that they did not commit. We live in a land where justice is a far distant memory. Yet there is no time to grieve. Our forces are weak and we are greatly outnumbered by our enemies.


We also strongly advise our female members to dress in the burkahs proscribed by the regime. Not wearing the appropriate dress carries the death penalty. We cannot stress how vital it is that our members survive. Dying over something as trivial as dress codes is not heroic. We must appear to obey Sharia Law in public at all times. To do otherwise would be to invite unwelcome attention from the authorities. Although we want to fight the ruling Taliban elite, our first priority is to protect the Caucasian minorities as each year our population decreases. We cannot be sure how many of us are left but it is thought that in Britain there are only 13 million non-coverts out of a total population of 70 million people. If we speak out there are sections of our Caliphate that wish to raise a holy Jihad against us. We will be hunted down and murdered along with our children. 

In the year 2007, I was a 10 year old boy. I lived with my family in London. I was privately educated and enjoyed a background that would have been described as privileged. We had no idea of the impending storm that was brewing or the sea of blood that would flow in our lands. We were the world's capital – attracting people from all over the world, eager to share in our economic riches.


We regarded our Muslim population as largely peaceful and industrious. The terrorist atrocities wrought by Al Qaeda were publicly condemned by most Muslims. But like the Trojans we had unwittingly invited a huge Trojan horse into our world, and one that would very quickly seek to destroy us. Most of us were blissfully unaware that 2007 was also the year that 50% of Britain's mosques were taken over by the Deobandi sect – the fanatical religious front of the Taliban. It was reported in the newspapers at the time, but no-one seemed aware of the significance. Perhaps they were all too busy making money and partying to notice the sinister development. Tolerance and humanity had no basis in the lexicon of the Deobandis.  They were the people who detested Western culture, banned  art, music, theatre and television and persecuted Jews, Hindus and Christians.

These are the same people who govern our country today. They took over by sheer dint of numbers. Their women simply outbred the indigenous population and pushed us into the minority by 2025. There was a civil war, which we lost. Then our new rulers took us to war against our former allies in the West. London was desecrated, making Iraq look like a peaceful haven by comparison.


On the home front families were punished for their lifestyle and brutally murdered. We were once one of the greatest powers on earth. For 200 years we controlled nearly two thirds of the planet and now we are a craven and subjected people. How did this happen? It was simple; we stopped believing in anything, we were cynical and if we had Gods they were gods of shopping and blasphemy. We quite simply lost the will to govern ourselves or stand up as a nation for what we used to collectively believe in, which was fairness and decency.


The Islamisists on the other hand believed in a great deal – none of it any good. One in five of them were unemployed in 2007, which gave them plenty of time to plot their takeover. At the time, we were governed by socialists, then known as the Labour Party. Like everyone in the liberal consensus – including the Tories and Liberal Democrats from the two opposition parties - they did not want to speak out against immigration for fear of being regarded as racist. Our crumbling welfare system was supporting 5 million people on benefits, so we needed to bring in outsiders to do their jobs, the argument ran. But we began to fall apart. Our young people took drugs and ignored what was happening. We simply fell apart and life became increasingly dangerous, fragmented and unpleasant. Many of the older indigenous population began to leave and those who remained simply moaned in private.

 In 2039 most of the British had fled or had converted to Islam. Riyahd ul Haq's Fundamentalist party rigged the elections and later that year he moved into number 10 Downing Street. His first act was to abolish all other political parties.


The reason I felt it necessary to mention this is because as you know, much of our great western culture has been destroyed. Our libraries have been burned, our galleries ransacked and our churches razed to the ground or converted into mosques. All learning is denied to those who refuse to accept Islam as their religion. Like George Orwell predicted in 1984 we have reached a time in history where mentioning the past or the truth is a crime. But we must not forget the past. As long as we pass these stories on there might still be hope for us, no matter how slight. One day we will rebel again.


Unfortunately this is our last newsletter for sometime. We will have to relocate to safer headquarters. It may be upto two years before you hear from us again. But remember that we will always exist and if you seek the truth, you will find your allies.


Yours Faithfully,


The allies

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