marciavandecamp (marciavandecamp) wrote in writers_digest,

Fic: And Cecilia N. Foster says... - final chapter

Title: And Cecilia N. Foster says... - the bittersweet truth of someone else's life
author: marciavandecamp
character: Cecilia N. Foster
rating: PG, NC-17 sometimes
Chapter: eleven - death
words: 1908
author's note: this is the first fiction I wrote on my own. Cecilia and anything else is created on my own so do not use it! And whenever you copy anything, credit it! This is the last chapter of "Cecilia N. Foster says - the bittersweet truth of someone else's life". I'm sorry about all the grammar mistakes, at least I know which tense I'll never choose again to write. I'm thinking about a sequel, but we'll see. Thank you.

Lost in her thoughts with only trying to protect herseld in a world far away. It hurted when she realized that there was nothing left anymore. That a part of her seemed to have died and she didn't know how to bring it back to life.

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