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Amateur Writers' Digest

A Playground for the Muses...

Aspiring Writer
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Dear Reader,

I've always wanted to have a good solid outlet to share my writings, for purposes of receiving critique from others, and if you're here reading this, you must be that desperate too. I've tried a few places that deal with the same idea -- I have an Elfwood account, but I have to wait eons before my work goes up.

We all have writing muses within us, even the most ardent disbeliever is capable of composing two simple verses that can rhyme. All we need now, is an outlet to express ourselves, and in any way that we can.

So, I've decided to create one. For myself, for friends, and for any wayward LJ traveller whom may have stumbled upon this community. A corner, if you will, to voice our innermost imaginations into our kind of reality.

To be able to enjoy reading and writing, the usual nasty stuffies will have to be smacked down, of course.

Rule #1. I am always right.
Rule #2. Even when I'm wrong I MAY be r--...oh hang on. I've got the wrong set of rules here....*rustling of papers* Here we go!

Rules for Writers' Digest Community

1. POSITIVE critique

We're all learning here, even if you're really Stephen King or Michael Crichton in real life, and seem to have nothing better to do than to snoop around this amateur writers' site.
We all like hearing praises about our work too, but try offering suggestions on how you think a particular scene can be improved, or even just stating simply WHY you like it, instead of just saying 'Wow, I love your work!!!!!!!'.

2. Format of Entries

YES. There will be a general format which I will be posting up later for the posting lemming-fied masses to follow. Rather than having a sprawling mass of text swimming past your eyes, all entries will be consolidated under the lj-cut tags, and synopsis of the posted work to be provided, so we all can choose to read what we want.

3. Genre

This community will be open for all genres of writing, ie. sci-fi, fan-fic, original fiction, poetry, roleplaying logs, even. If you wrote it (or wrote PART of it, and give credit for the other half), then chances are, it will be welcomed upon this community.

Note: Explicit gore, sexual content, unnecessary violence and extreme vulgarities will NOT be tolerated if they exist without tasteful reason, and offenders will be given a whopping around with the Great Trout of Justice.

4. Copyright

Oh for goodness sake, there are LAWS about this sort of thing.

i) If it's not your own writing, but you think it's cool and deserves to be shared, you may post it up, but GIVE CREDIT TO THE ORIGINAL WRITER! And no, editing out grammar or vocabulary mistakes do not give you the right to claim ownership over the article. No cookies will be awarded if you are caught plagiarising from others. You will instead be smacked by the Great Trout.

ii) The creative ideas of those whom decide to share their stories and literary works with us will help to inspire us further, yes. But NO STEALING OF STORY IDEAS. Likewise, members posting their stories online should already be aware of the risks of having written material stolen. Be very of the deliriously happy that you had been deemed good enough to be stolen from, and you will get to smack the culprit with the Great Trout too.

5. The DON'T's

This is NOT your personal journal. No griping and whining about how your dog ate your homework, and you had a crappy day at work; you have your own journals for that venting. Posting of notices and announcements will be allowed, of course, provided you bribe me aforehand with a million d--...er..*coughs* I mean, yeah, those will be allowed. *ahem*


Have fun! This is about writing as an interest, not as a chore. No one is forcing you to sit down at the computer and crack your head to finish that one sentence.

Disclaimer (AKA Covering My Arse Section):
As this is an online community, and there may be members whom may discover that they are living in the same area and thus organize a few get-togethers. Do NOT make me nag about the potential dangers and risks which you will undertake upon yourselves, because I will if I have to, nammit.

If you feel that you are not fully restrained, and need MORE rules and regulations to govern your stay in this community, please feel free to toss suggestions into the Writer's Trashbin

There we go. I do believe I am allowed my maniacal laughter right about now, eh? MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
~Your Friendly Writing Moderator,

"My books are water; those of the great geniuses are wine. (Fortunately) Everybody drinks water."
~Mark Twain (1835-1910)